A nap sounds good right now.
And once again, happenings in life.

Random supposed-to-be grocery outfit, but I later on wore a pambahay shirt (a.k.a. that blue thing on my bed). Topshortsshoes = thrifted.

Got to try another milk tea place recently. Cha Dao's relatively cheaper (I'm called a Cheapskateer for a reason) so I'm okay with it. I'm... not very picky when it comes to milk tea, I guess?

Can you guess where I was based on this view?

Spot the alma matter if you will.

I spotted Tofu one afternoon looking like he came from a fight. With the little foam balls, maybe?

Erm, something I made for class. I will not  elaborate on this, but it is worth mentioning that the floral tape that Jam gave me is long gone now.

Another something for one of my classes. We had to animate someone singing to a song, and I chose 2D to use as a face since the song I was using was El Manana by Gorillaz.

And in most recent news, I got inked last weekend.

This was my first colored tat and I'm super happy with it. It's located on my chest, at the right. This was actually dedicated to my mom because she loves sunflowers.

This gemini sign I got for myself (SO, CAN YOU GUESS WHAT MY ZODIAC SIGN IS?) is located on my right, erm, wrist? Well maybe not directly on the wrist since it's a bit lower than that area. So no, it's not a roman numeral for 2, but it might be funny to say it is and claim I'm Organization XIII's Xigbar, or maybe say it really is roman numeral 2 because 2 is my monthsary with my non-existent boyfie. Funny! No? Okay.

Lastly, there is this blue bicycle on my ribs, on the right, to be exact. This one was for my dad because he loves biking (sad that he hasn't been able to do so since Ondoy because he had to sell his bike to make some cash *cue my heart breaking* :( ) and his favorite color is blue. It looks kinda messy in the photo because I had petroleum jelly over it then covered it with plastic wrap and now it still kinda hurts to clean it properly. This also serves as a painful reminder (literally too, at least for now) that I still don't know how to ride a bike. This was totally my most painful tat of all, and I am never getting inked in that area again. Never say never?

I got all 3 in one sitting. Well, I got the first two done, had lunch, then got the bike. I didn't think I could've pulled it off, but here we are, and I'm really happy with it since the most painful tats I have now are at least meaningful. I thought it was about time to get something inked for the parentals, because well... you know how close we are and I grew up having them as my best friends? CUE MUSH FLOOD! 

The bike tat still hurts some, and whenever I feel an itch I have to stop and think where exactly it is I'm itching because I've been forgetting that I got inked in three different places. 

Procastinating as usual. What else is new.

Makeup + Jewelry + Jeje
Happy third of September ebribadi! I greeted the month drowning in stress and I probably still am, but since it's already the first -ber month I might as well share some (school-related) shoots that I never really talked about before. At the most, there was a brief mention/teaser of them here. If we're friends on Facebook, then you've prolly already saw these.

One of my Photography plates was to do ~*~beauty photography~*~, and I had Jam model for me. My favorite is the first shot with the feather-brows. I went through so much stress (mostly model-hunting and sched-fixing) for this shoot, and even did this while nursing a headache because we were time-pressured (Jam had to leave early?) BUT it was fun! Y'all know how much I love putting on makeup and JAM AND I NEVER REALLY GET TO SHOOT so this was really enjoyable. Thank you so much for making time, Jam!

The next plate was sort of a billboard/advertisement photo kind of thing, hence the 'Bulgari' and 'Tiffany & Co.' on the pictures. My favorite is the last one and I'm kinda hating on the second one? I got Alex to model for this plate, and on that note, I've got to say, Alex has an incredibly versatile face. At least... from what I've realized in our shoots. Thank you again Alex!

The next plate had us shoot... ~*~hip hop~*~ I don't know if you can tell from the shots alone, but I kind of hated this plate. Ana, whom I had model for me, and I are hardly what one would classify as ~*~hip hop~*~ However, since I was too ashamed to ask anyone else to model for me (true story, I abhored this THAT much), I approached Ana and she was thankfully game for it! Thanks again, Anette! I later on found out that we could've done ~*~bohemian~*~ instead, which would've been a MUCH easier option, but I already had this planned through and well it was a sort of CHALLENGE ACCEPTED kind of thing. This shoot is also known as the day Anina turned jeje. Also, 'graffiti' wall is all thanks to Ana, colored by me. May be considered as The Great Anina Collaboration. Or The Anina Wall of Jeje.

Thought it was about time I put these up on my blog since I don't think we'll be having anymore photog plates that will require models, so I had these posted collectively instead. Hope y'all like the shots? Haha! *gets stowed away in schoolwork again*

That's a marshmallow in my mouth.

Thrifted dress, shoes from Meg, bracelets borrowed from mom, gifted ring. Random outfit on a random Sunday that I never got to share.

Gosh I've got so much schoolwork haunting me, what am I doing.

Sometimes I wonder what I would've been like had I not grown up worshipping the Japanese culture.
Have any of you checked out the Manga Realities exhibit at Ayala Museum yet? I did yesterday and my heart is still crying from the awesomeness. Normally, picture-taking isn't allowed at Ayala Museum, but people who were photographing the exhibit weren't reprimanded or anything (there was even this girl with a dSLR snapping away), so I thought it was okay to take pictures?

No. 5 by Matsumoto Taiyo. On the tables are pages of the manga (which seems like a pretty interesting story) and I kinda just drooled at the art and wanted to take home that giant picture?

Sugar Sugar Rune by Anno Moyoco had this really pretty design AND THE PRESENTATION OF THE ART WAS SO AWESOME.

There were these whale sounds (or some other sea creature?) playing in the background for the Children of the Sea (by Igarashi Daisuke) section. Only just kinda creepy -- just kiiiinda -- when you're alone in the corner.

One of my favorites was Sennen Gaho by Kyo Machiko. The artworks show random moments of this boy and girl depicted in a few frames and IT'S JUST SO. FRIKKIN. ADORABLE. My heartstrings. Where did they go.

This one's called "photographing the sky" and I love how simply precious it is.

Look Terry, Nodame Cantabile! It even had a real piano and I wondered if we were allowed to play with it. Not that I know how to play the piano...

Obviously: BECK.

I think these're from the Five Minutes from the Station (by Kuramochi Fusako) section. I'm not so sure. I kinda wanna go read this manga though.

Also on the 3rd floor were these shelves of manga which I totally took advantage of by reading a copy of Honey and Clover while waiting for the parentals to pick me up. They even had a copy of Sennen Gaho that I got to browse through, but I couldn't really read the captions since I only (barely) recall Hiragana and select Katakana characters and... I can barely even remember all the stuff I learned in my Nihongo elective back in high school senior year. Gomen ne, Rudy-sensei!

HEY MARYA, LOOK WHAT I FOUND IN THE MANGA SECTION!!! Kuranosuke's so much prettier (and well, downright attractive) in the manga.

Step inside the room for The World God Only Knows by Wakaki Tamiki and get a free lecture on moe... loljk.

THEY HAD A REAL PS3!!! Can I plz has it?

And then there is this room. Solanin by Asano Inio. Guys. I can't. This room. I vaguely remember hearing about Solanin somewhere before, but anyway, THIS ROOM. HANDS DOWN FAVORITE I MEAN GUYS IT'S LIKE I LOVE HOW THIS IS AN EXHIBIT AND IT'S SO INTERACTIVE AND THEY MADE A ROOM REPLICA I MEAN HI I HAD SO MUCH FUN IN THIS ROOM.


Spotted on the CD wall were some copies of Ajikan albums! TOTALLY WANTED TO TAKE THEM ALL HAHAHA. Bottom photo shows an album cover by le awesome Yusuke Nakamura (who does all (?) of Ajikan's album art and UM HELLO TATAMI GALAXY?) which I had as my phone wallpaper for quite a long time, until I changed it to a Tatami Galaxy wallpaper, so... it's still Yusuke Nakamura. Hoh.

On the outside of the room for Solanin were these random quotations? Excerpts? From the manga?

Pa-tama part 1.

Pa-tama part 2.

There was a guest book on top of the manga shelves and uh you can prolly tell which one's me. So, that's pretty much it. IF YOU LOVE ANIME/MANGA/JAPAN AS MUCH AS I DO, YOU NEED TO GO SEE THIS EXHIBIT. Photographs will never do justice and they will never be enough. You need. To experience. This exhibit.

And since this cannot go unshared, greatest achievement of the day was this:

NINJA!SELF-TIMER SHOT IN THE SOLANIN ROOM MWAHAHAHA. I was alone, nobody was around to look, I loved the room and couldn't help myself. You know you'd totly do it too.

Just a quick this-is-what-happened-after-we-watched-LSOH post. I'm totally swamped with schoolwork and barely keeping my head above water so I don't even know why I'm making this post. (The masochist in me always wins, apparently.)

Bathroom shots with Jam right after the "OMIGODCONGRATSYOUWEREAWESOME" routine post-show.

This is Jarren, a friend of Jam's. We traversed to his castle after dinner for some awkward beer pong. I don't like beer, I had never played beer pong before that night, and I don't have a sense of aim. Good job.

I wish I could link you to a CS post regarding this outfit, but I have yet to do such a thing. Le oh well.

The most notable factor about Jarren is his house, which I have always seen since I was a kid. The fact that I got to go inside had completed my life LOLJK no. Here I am outside his castle gates. I'd post another photo but I think the gates should be obvious enough. (Also, apparently my dad knows Jarren's relative -- maybe uncle or grandfather -- so all this time I never knew my dad knew who lived in the magical house. WALKING FACEBOOK YO)

So anyway, I've got about 57 layers on Photoshop that need to be done, so... ADIOS!

Don't feed the plants!
Following my first Little Shop of Horrors adventure a month or something ago with some Blue Rep kids, I finally got to catch a show last night. I don't even know where to begin, so i'll just follow along with the photos as they go.

It's almost tradition for at least one of my friends to steal a poster of a sort that has Maronne's face innit whenever we watch a show of hers. For the record,nothing was stolen (this time), only because I reminded Jam (who insisted we take this cut-out tarp) to behave and that I have the raw images anyway. But wouldn't it be cool to have that in your room? WOULDN'T IT BE COOLER TO BRING IT DURING EVENTS AND IN PHOTOS WHENEVER MARONNE ENDS UP BEING M.I.A.?

Ahem. Taking into account my last Blue Rep show experience, I have learned that being early scores you some sweet seats, so that's what Alex and I did. We got there 2 hours before open house because we wanted to avoid any crazy traffic. Go us.

So this is Roxci. She plays Crystal and is part of the Magical Trio of Voice Blending. Her blog makes me hungry for her sometimes.

This is the Magical Trio of Voice Blending a.k.a. Abi, Roxci and Cassie. They make me wanna talk in their spunky accent. The perfect blending of their voices will make you melt. Or drop your panties. Or maybe both, if you're me.

Enter Mushnik and Audrey.

You guys. U GAIZ. THIS BOY. THIS BOOOOY. (His name is Luis, but there seems to be more drama when referring to him as "THIS BOY".) Words cannot express all of the things he made me feel with his performance (I smell some innuendo here...) NO REALLY! Even during our shoot, when I knew nix about LSOH's story and what his character was like, Luis was already this little bundle of ADORKABLE.

I MEAN SERIOUSLY IT WAS ONLY HIS FIRST SCENE AND ALREADY MY HEARSTRINGS SNAPPED. HNNNNGGGG PRECIOUS LITOL BOI --I will gush more about Luis and his character later because there are more pictures that want to be seen.

And then of course, there is this girl. THIS GIIIIIRL. (Here I go again.) The last time I ever got to see Tina onstage was during Rock & Rule, and that was back in FeROSH YEAR and I have always admired her talent (and maybe a couple of other things, oho) since then. That's a good solid 2+ years of love (and lust, mhm) right there.

At some point I began to wonder when Tina would sing, or if she would sing at all. It was a silly thought; I mean, how could you cast Tina in a role and NOT let her sing? (Also, she is Audrey II, so obviously she'd have to sing one way or another, so I dismissed my thought as stupid.) I was just itching to hear that diva-like voice again, obviously.

Need I say anything about this beautiful girl? I PROBABLY DON'T, BUT I WILL ANYWAY. This girl has an overwhelming amount of talent that I sometimes wonder how I got so lucky to have a girlfriend li-- loljk OH BUT REALLY, I'm beyond proud of Maronne. I don't even mind at all that she's had to miss so many get-togethers with our friends with an output like this. GOSH I'M SO EXCITED FOR YOUR LIFE BB

Audrey-Mushnik-Seymour! I like saying "Mushnik." Mushnik. Mushnik. Mushnik.


HNNNNGGGG WHY ARE YOU GUYS SO CUTE KJGDSJGHGDSKJGH I am a total shipper for AudreyxSeymour okay.


THIS. ENTIRE. NUMBER. I couldn't stop laughing. Darrell Uy + Mushnik x dance moves = FUNNIEST SCENE EVER! I totally laughed the hardest here. So much entertainment, I love it.

And then the pout at the end, ohmygods.

Luis was actually nursing a fever that night. Around 39 degrees...? SO HE TOTALLY WINS AT LIFE OKAY. Here Luis, have some free epic. HOW DID YOU MANAGE TO BRING SO MUCH ADORKABLE!!! AMIDST A FEVER LIKE THAT? YOU ARE A MAGIC. I LOVE YOU VERRILY.

SeymourxAudrey II totally works for me too. Tina!Audrey II is very, very sexy. So sexy that I prolly lost my underwear by the time Act 2 rolled in. Maybe. Yeah.

SO THERE'S THIS PART WHERE GELO!ORIN ASKS THE AUDIENCE TO SAY "AAH!" RIGHT? AND ME BEING ME SAID A REFLEXIVE "NO!" BECAUSE GELO!ORIN IS VERY SCARY but my lil' ol' grandmother has been my dentist since I was a kid so that kinda cancelled out the creeps I got BUT THEN I FOUND OUT GELO WAS LIKE "Why did someone say noooo huhuhu" so I felt real bad about it because I DIDN'T MEAN IT THAT WAY but like yeah wtvr Gelo and I LOL'd enough of this on Facebook. I am only mentioning here on the blog again for... posterity...


I truly believe Blue Rep couldn't of asked for a more perfect cast. EVERYBODY WAS JUST SO PERFECT OKAY.

And then there's this scene. Hehehehehe.

What'd I tell you about Gelo being the Man of Many Roles eh?

And then the show ended, but I wanted more. (Also because I didn't like how the story ended 'cause I'm a loser who likes good endings lol.) Omigod you guys, you need to see this show. YOU NEED. TO SEE IT. I don't even know how these people can have so much talent in them and not... combust. Or... something.

OF COURSE I HAVE A PICTURE WITH LUIS. You think after all this gushing I wouldn't have a picture with him? PSH! Thumbs up because THIS BOOOYYY still managed to perform beyond comprehension. I am very proud of you.

OF COURSE I HAVE A PICTURE WITH THE AUDREYS. Together we make the Trio of... of... WE WILL BE CALLED "AUDRINA" loljk

As per tradition, a group shot with our Maronne after the show! We are quite a proud.

GOSH YOU GUYS ALL NEED TO SEE LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS!!! Until now I can't stop gushing and I'm still not over it. Congrats to the entire LSOH and Blue Rep family! I am so proud of you guys --not that I think I'm on a level of closeness with you, save for like, Maronne and Tina I guess, BUT YOU GET IT! CONGRATURATION xINFINITY YOU GUYS ARE THE SUPERLATIVE OF ALL THE GOOD THINGS IN THE WORLD

I wish I had a shot with the entire cast. OH WELL I HAVE THEIR FACES IN MY COMPUTER ANYWAY HEHEHE. So guys, what are you waiting for? RESERVE YOUR TICKETS NOW OR YOU WILL MISS THE REST OF YOUR LIFE!

That, or Audrey II might be out there waiting to eat you if you don't got watch, and you don't want that, do you?

I'm sleepy.
Technically, prelims week is over but as usual, there are still some subjects whose actual exams (technically, prelim plates) are due a week or so after prelims week, so it feels like exam week extends and goes on forever until you've submitted your prelim plates. That's pretty much why I haven't been able to blog for a while (also because I was kinda busy with school work prior to prelims week as well). ANYWAY, stuff's happened while I've been gone, so here are photos to help me tell my stories... as usual.

Sometimes people are surprised when they find out I have a dog and a cat. Here's a picture of them getting all cozy together. Miso has a thing for licking ears and Tofu seems to enjoy it.

Oh this is random. The scented wax thing we have in the bathroom formed a heart shape. I thought it was cool.

Can you guess where this was taken? I think it's pretty obvious. One of my friends asked me for some assistance for a shoot again, and it was coincidentally the exact same shoot theme as my first SDA experience. In comparison to the first one, I was able to give some actual assistance, as I was the ~*~makeup person~*~ for the shoot. Total learning experience, considering how I LEFT SO MANY THINGS NEEDED IN MY RUSH TO GET TO JANELLE'S HAHAHA. 


Here are some behind the scenes shots that I nicked off Facebook. These were shot by Rosa, who was one of the models that day. Great to finally meet you! <3 (Also, outfit deets are in this post!)

And one more mirror shot, just because! Janelle was also one of the photographers that day. Thanks again for having me at your shoot, you guys! Time went by so quickly because the shoot was lotsa fun, heehee.

Also last weekend was a shoot with Ana (this picture was shot by Mickey, Ana's nephew) -- two of them, in fact, but I will elaborate on them when the time is right. Or when Ana makes a blog post like I told her to from the beginning, long before I even knew I was going to be involved in her little project...

In the meantime, have a teaser instead!

When Ana came over, she handed me this plastic bag filled with some little delightful knick knacks (stuff that reminded her of me, according to Ana), which I thought was really sweet and nice because I never get random gifts for no occasion and it just made my heart swell huhu. (AND I'VE SECRETLY ALWAYS WANTED TO STEAL THAT COLORFUL NECKLACE OF HERS HAHAHA) Thank you again Ana! I love you <3

Last week was crazy 'cause I couldn't stop going on little thrift adventures. The top part of the middle pile shows some of my recent buys. I NEED TO STOP but oh well they were all 4-for-100 buys so it's all good.

Anyway, that's all. I was nearing school today only to find out first class was cancelled, so I headed back home since next class is still at 5 in the afternoon. What a waste of time and effort and money.

Ghost Girl
I usually avoid making more than one blog post a day, but I figured this couldn't wait any longer, what with being further delayed thanks to the LJ meltdown. Anyway, if you remember this post that I made during the start of February this year, I mentioned a shoot that I couldn't reveal at the time it was posted. Fast forward six months later and now I can finally talk about this shoot!

The reason why I couldn't release the photos just yet was because I submitted them to an online publication called Unicorn/Dream Magazine. Since the ish that featured my contributions wasn't out, I couldn't really go ahead and blog about it just yet. It wasn't really hard to hold back from posting since I ended up forgetting about this shoot altogether, but it was definitely tough in the beginning, considering how much I adored this shoot. Click here to see the rest of the ish featuring lots of pretty things. I had never really contributed to a publication (online or otherwise) before this, so it was a big deal for me.

This was shot back in January, which, if you remember, was the month when my inspiration high went berserk. Other than being my first contribution to a publication, what makes this shoot special is the fact that it was my first time initiating a shoot with someone outside my circle of friends.

This is Bea de Jesus, a friend of my cousin's who looks younger than her age and is the prettiest when she smiles. I had been wanting to shoot with her for the longest time but, as usual, I never got to it until forever. I'd like to think I started the year right with this shoot, since it has become one of my favorites. Save for the watermark and resizing for le blog, the shots are pretty much untouched with regards to post-processing. If anything, I only tinkered around with maybe less than five shots, albeit minimally, since I really liked the shots as they already were.

I've jabbered on enough. On to the photos!






















And so ends the 6-month old series that is Ghost Girl. Haha! Thank you once again to Bea (and Ate Gen!) for the opportunity. It was such a pleasure shooting you, and I hope it won't be the last! I'd like to think I started the year right with this shoot as it has become one of my favorites. It was such a joy producing it, so I hope you all like it!

What's been happening:

Shoots. These are both school-related though. More on that in some other post, but let me give a shout out to Jam and Alex who made time for this despite busy schedules and all (Jam especially 'cause I got so stressed out during the weekend of her shoot.) Thanks you guys!

Under the guidance of Marga Bee I finally, FINALLY have my own copy of Battle Royale!!! (Thank you again, Marga!) This conquest of mine has been going on for more than half a year, and gosh, never have I worked this hard for a book before HAHA! Oh the satisfaction. Re-reading it still gets me bothered...


While I just got a new book, what I actually read first was The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. Long story short, I lost interest in wanting to read the trilogy, but my cousin forced me to read it anyway (hence the "READ IT!!!" memo), even if all I really wanna do is re-read the entire Harry Potter series. /Post-Potter Depression /I may never actually recover

Now, and this is all bias aside for the Japanese culture, THG is a bit eh next to BR. The latter gripped me from the start and had be reading with a heavy heart from beginning to end (no joke). THG only began to become interesting towards halfway into the book. Whereas BR was straight to the point with the manslaughter, THG droned on and on about these ceremonies and what not before getting to the actual 'games', and even then the killings weren't as gruesome than as depicted in BR. Not that the gore is the basis or anything, but with THG it's like things build up but fall flat in the end anyway. While I do find THG interesting, it's does end up rather blah compared to BR. The latter gave insight to the characters being killed (or those on the killing spree), while THG focuses on just one protagonist. You can feel the urgency for survival in BR.

Seriously, I got so bothered and paranoid by the end of BR that it got me thinking about people's motives and whatnot. It was all very psychological to me. But hey, to each his own. What do you think about the Battle Royale vs. The Hunger Games debate?

Tofu has gotten much better now, compared to when we first picked him up, skin and bones and all. He's super patay gutom, but I guess that's to be expected from a street critter, haha.

I've been so busy with school, hence the sporadic blog updates. Prelims is just around the corner and I have been drowning in school work. I've some happy news to share with the blog, but that'll be set aside for another post instead (oh, backlog.) Thank goodness LJ is back up again, I went crazy when it was all wonkers. Anyway, I'll have that happynews!post up by tomorrow or Tuesday, if not tonight, depending on my laziness. OHOHOHO.

Where do I even begin with Harry Potter? 

The first three books were already out before I became a Potterhead. In fact, I saw the first film before even reading, and that's saying something, considering how finishing a book after seeing its movie counterpart is Mission Impossible for me. I didn't think I'd like it, honestly. My cousin had the first three, I picked up the second, thought it was rad, and the rest is history.

Technically, everything ended for me when I finished the final book all those years ago. Maybe that's why I didn't make an effort to see the first part of Deathly Hallows (in fact, I only saw it on DVD the day I went to see Part 2). I wasn't really affected when Part 1 was out; I wasn't part of the majority that was sobbing and wailing and waiting in agony for Part 2.

But then I saw those speeches that the cast and J.K. Rowling gave during the London premiere of Part 2. That was last weekend, and I've been crying everyday since then. No really, everyday. Not joking, not exaggerating. Everyday. I guess it was because I didn't mourn as much as I needed to when I finished the book, then being hit with the reality that the end of the movie franchise would pretty much mean closing the book once and for all brought up all those scattered feelings. It's like everything's ending all over again.

I cried when I saw the "WB" logo. I cried when Harry returned to Hogwarts, and the tears didn't stop until the end from there. Never in my life have I ever cried so hard in a movie house, let alone because of any movie for that matter. I was literally one of the last to leave the cinema, because I couldn't get myself together and was just sobbing like a moron.

It doesn't help that I get so horribly attached to things, and I've got really bad issues with letting go, not to mention I'm awfully nostalgic, and a closet masochist... ahem.

I remember finishing Deathly Hallows years ago, and bawling like a baby when I finished. With the movie, it was like opening a wound that has been closed for a long time. I remember wanting so bad to be a student at Hogwarts, and how could it would be to live in the magical world that I had only read about. I remember lamenting over Hedwig, and Dobby, and not to mention Fred (and I never will get over him). I remember my mind being blown with Snape... actually, there have been a lot of gaps in my memory with regards to the last two books, because I read the 7th immediately after the 6th, and all the emotional distress after finishing the last book left me forgetting so many details already.

I didn't think I'd love the whole phenomenon that is Harry Potter. I didn't think it'd become epic. When I first got my own copies, I DIDN'T THINK I'D END UP CRYING MY ENTIRE BEING OUT UNTIL FOREVER.

I think that our generation's pretty privileged to have grown up with Harry Potter. We're part of magical history, everybody. BUT BUT BUT HOW DOES ONE GO ON AFTER THIS? I can't focus -- I have so much school work to do for the week and I haven't even started because all I keep on thinking about is Harry Potter this and that.

So maybe everything has ended once and for all, but it's never really over, is it? We've stuck with Harry till the very end, and will continue to do so until... well, forever. Harry Potter will be in our hearts forever and always. 


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