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Numina Paradoxia: I cut class for the first time today.
Where do I begin? Where oh where do I begin. ---no really I have no idea how to start this HAHA

WELL, GETTING STRAIGHT TO THE POINT: I joined this fashion photography contest by Ateneo's ACTM in collaboration with Folded & Hung (and Jellybean, I think). Technically there were two categories, one being photography and the other graphic design, following the contest's theme of 'fashion contradiction'.

The top 10 entries for each category were displayed at Eastwood this Wednesday. I didn't think I'd get into the top 10 for photog -- in fact, I pretty much threw away the possibility already -- but to my pleasant surprise, I made the cut! Today was the culminating activity/awarding or whatever in which we contestants would find out who would be in the top 5 for each category, eligible to be the top 3 finalists. See, the top 5 had to explain their entries on the spot, then the judges would...deliberate, and then poof! Awarding. (Sorry for the lack of better words; I am tired.)

Okay, I didn't expect to get into the top 5, either. Like, I was with Ana, and I was telling her, "K just one more slot for the top 5 (I wasn't called yet) I'm ready to go home now" and then they suddenly called out my entry. So fast forward to the revealing of the top 3, and I was saying, "Well, I'm just glad I got this far", as I wasn't really expecting anything. The entries that I had a feeling would take the number 1 spot landed third and second only, so I was like, "Okay, last spot again. Meh let's go."

But. Uhm. They called my entry. I won. First place.


AAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAA This is why I don't like hoping, and I'm always negative. 'Cause if I think the worst, and suddenly things turn out for the better, everything will follow to be pleasant surprises. Call me a pessimist (well, okay so I am), but maybe this could be interpreted as humility as well? HAHA (Omg I hate how I'm blogging right now srsly I'm out of words to use properly)

ANYWAY! Here's the winning entry:


Some information I pointed out whilst I was explaining my entry and concept to the audience:
- I went for androgyny for the 'fashion contradiction' theme, because I think that androgynous fashion is a contradiction in itself, as it involves a person dressing up in clothes for the opposite sex. However, I believe it's a contradiction that works. Androgyny in fashion is already a style (at this point, I was pointing to what I was wearing HAHA -- more details on that some other time).

- Backlighting was used to soften the overall masculinity of the look, being a contradiction that works.

- Small details from the outfit were also part of the whole androgynous contradictions (pearl necklace used as belt, bow shown its uses for both male and female: bow tie and hair bow)

Um, yeah okay HAHA. I actually cut my last class (which is from 1pm to 6pm, actually) because I didn't want to attend the event being all haggard from school/without being made up. The event was to start at 6pm, you see, so if I left after my normal dismissal, I'd prolly be really late. I stayed long enough for attendance and a quiz though, so I don't feel too...guilty. No longer a class-cutting virgin, yo! You may call me a legit college kid now.

I stayed in my mom's office during the afternoon, seeing as she works at Citibank (and the event was held at Eastwood and all). Hullo C5, your evening traffic is such a bugger.


Ana was the first of my friends to arrive. It was pretty hot outside, so we had ourselves some Golden Spoon goodness to cool ourselves down. (Cake Batter is totally my flavor. How about you?)

Jam, Mae and Stephy surprised me by showing up at the event! I thought only Ana was going (since the others didn't really give me solid answers/answers AT ALL with regards to their attendance for the evening), so this was another pleasant surprise. I don't care if you guys were only there for a short while; what matters is that you came (hehe LOL) anyway to show some lovin' and support. ♥


The emcees were interviewing the dancers after their number. Spot batchmate Cathy! She was never really a dancer in high school, so when she told me she was dancing at the event when I saw her this Wednesday, I was thinking, 'Hahaha okay dance--wait how' HAHAHA! She's so cute when she dances, okay. =))

This was after the top 5 were announced and there was another song number being performed. I told Ana to imitate the look in my entry (for another 2-in-1 photo hurrhurr), although she couldn't stop herself from laughing.

Anina tandem for the win! This was after the prizes were all given out. Thank you Anette for being there with me since the beginning (a.k.a freaking out with the bloody fashion contradiction theme + the shoot and its respective phails + attending the event with me until the end) and for having believed in me from the start, even if I wasn't even expecting anything anyway. :")

Oh, this one is just for the lulz. Jam and Mae, before leaving, told me to make the peace/victory sign if I made the cut, and an inverted one if I didn't. Well, here's your answer!

Hi Lord, thank you. Thank you for this epic blessing which I knew would totally make up for all of last week's bullshat. Sorry for this post being all over the place! I'm still in a bit of a slush-n-mush state, haha! Folded and Hung, please contact me soon, heehee.

Congrats to all the other winners! We all did great, didn't we? :") And to ACTM for the successful event! :D Hoping for more opportunities like this, aaahhhhhh jkgsdhkgjhdsg k. /still rly sabaw

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(Deleted comment)
I love you thank you pouhz jejeje

OMG Super proud of you Ate Ina! <3



Lhavet! You so great.

KELAN MAGDADATE ANG PGPS? Manood tayo lahat ng Easy A, then sleepover/drinks :-))

Pero after finals/orals week na :-)) OMG I CAN TASTE THE SEMBREAK CAN YOU CAN YOU?

Tongenuh I wanna watch Easy A!!! AND YES OMG SEM BREAK SEM BREAK SEM BREAK

(Deleted comment)
THANK YOU! Why weren't you there? I thought you said you'd go! You live so near pa :{

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