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Slight Spontaneity
Also known as: that-night-I-tried-shisha-for-the-first-time-and-also-went-to-Mercato-for-the-first-time-FINALLY. Plans that night were just semi-spontaneous (I didn't really know what the game plan was until maybe an hour before Terry picked me up), but sometimes it's impromptu ideas that are the best.

Kevin is one of my most magical friends ever. This is us at the PPT lobby, where we munched on some Mercato goodness in the comfort of each other's company.

When Ana (belated happy birthday!) found out we were in the area, she insisted that we stop by at her place, which explains why we ended up in PPT in the first place. Also, magical trash cans and fire conspiracies. Ohohoho.

Here's a fuzzy group shot of us all. Patco was actually with us during the shisha session earlier, but I don't have any snapshots from then. Here's to more spontaneity with the people I love.


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