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Outfit Dump
Just a couple of outfits that I never really posted on The Cheapskateers, mostly because I didn't like them enough to put on there, but I did like them enough to post here. These range from a couple of weeks ago to maybe a month or two, some time during my outfit stump when I was way too busy to make document-worthy outfits because I didn't have time for proper documentation anyway. This is also my way of saying I was too lazy to make the usual documentation set up because I was swamped with school work.

Random bangles, thrifted shoes, random pants, headband from Vente, thrifted skirt. I don't remember the name of the store where I got my shirt from, but it was somewhere in ol' Eastwood. I do remember having this obsession with finding a unicorn shirt (and this was during high school senior year), so when I got this I was over the moon.

This is what I wore when I went to the Manga Realities exhibit at Ayala Museum. SPCP hoodie, thrifted shorts, leggings from Tiendesitas, shoes from Greenhills, gifted bag (hi Jam!)

Gifted dress, bowtie from Saizen, vintage shoes, old bracelets from mom. This dress was something my blockmate gave me because he was cleaning out his closet. I love it because of its length and pockets, because you know me and long dresses and skirts, and well... clothes with pockets are always dope.

I wonder what Miso and I were looking at...?

My younger self wouldn't of bothered wearing these shoes, but now I totally love them. My taste has been broadening in range this year (Could it be? AM I GROWING UP? No?) and it's kinda weird, but also lots of fun 'cause then I get to experiment looks a lot.

Random grocery outfit. Thrifted everything.

Another random grocery outfit. Thrifted everything, DIY necklace. It was kinda cold that day but then it got warmer once I got dressed, so I changed out of this outfit. The Barbie head came from the same body that I used for a school plate, but it later came off. Good thing I got to photograph it in all its creepy vibes before it came off. This outfit totly reminds me of Ana --  go figure, but maybe I'll wear this when I go visit her?

So that's all for now. I've been so busy with school, what with finals just around the corner, and only found time to get this backlog out of the way because classes were suspended again. For once, I didn't want classes to be suspended, in fear for the future of my impending sem break. I mean srsly, the weather today's much better than yesterday, so I'm just slightly bothered. 

Still got so much to do! Fingers crossed that finals week won't be pushed farther back.


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