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After more than 5 years of being on LiveJournal, I have finally come to bid adieu. I haven't blogged in more than a month (almost two actually), mostly because I've been busy (trufax) with school, and with the new year rolling in, I had been contemplating on moving blogs this 2012, so I held back on making any more posts here for the new year. Also, because whenever I looked at my blog (aesthetic issues) I just lost all drive to make any posts.

I've actually been toying with the idea of moving blogs for a while now. I was really reluctant to switch blogs, 'cause I get really attached to things and have issues with letting go. Srsly, my shift from Plurk to Twitter? That took ages! And I made such a big deal out of it! And I haven't even really moved out of the former anyway, since Twitter acts as an open chatroom for my blockmates and I more than anything, while Plurk remains to be the true microblog.

So I'm probably being really overdramatic about this, but LJ has been my blogging home for years! FIVE YEARS! When I moved here I had originally come from Xanga (thank gods my account got shut down for some reason -- the shame that blog contains!) after a really messy fall out with some people. LJ witnessed my growth/ups and downs/achievement and dramu in high school, as well as my transition from high school to college. And everything in between.

This move was first initiated by the fact that I couldn't find any personalized layouts that could be modified and that could accomodate my large images. And then I thought, if something that simple made me stop blogging here, then maybe it's time to move!

I think 5 years is a pretty solid blog life. I know some people who constantly move blogs and just can't stay put with one. Go figure. I asked around for blog choices; most people suggested Tumblr, then Blogspot. One suggested Wordpress. I tried Wordpress before and didn't really like it, and I don't really like Tumblr as a blog. So yes, I went with Blogspot. I'd like to think it's the 'greener pasture' LOLJK

I'm not shutting this down though -- I could never do that! I'm leaving it open because, like I said, it has recorded so much of my life. I love you and I'll miss you LJ! Thank you for being my blogging home all these years. It's been a good run. *blogging tears*

You can now find me here: http://toiletteregina.blogspot.com


(Mostly) books (again) and food (again).
 This is just another one of those random blog posts with accumulated photos. Here we go:


               Cute mini pandesal from Casa Marcos. The parentals and I had lunch there for their late anniversary lunch. It's tradition for me to take them out for a nice meal in a swanky (read: kinda pricey where we wouldn't eat on a normal day) restaurant as an anniversary gift for them. This year we went to Burgos Circle for some Casa Marcos magic (steak).


This is the steak I had, although it was already half-consumed by the time I photographed it, 'cause I pretty much devoured it before thinking of taking a picture. Look at that red meat goodness.

A doodle on the placemat of what I wore that day. More deets on The Cheapskateers.

Random lady and her dog. I tried taking outfit photos here, 'cause I figured I wouldn't have time later that day, but it just wasn't any good. Oh well bombshell.

The Fully Booked store at Bonifacio High Street is prolly my favorite branch among all Fully Booked branches because it's so HUGE! And well, idk, I've just always enjoyed myself at this branch.

I FINALLY got to go to Ayala Triangle for the lights show! The first and last time I went there was last year, when it wasn't Christmas time and so there was no lights show at all. Pretty Christmas fuzzy feelings all around.

During the rare occasion that I spend on myself (when it's not fashion or school-related things... or makeup), I end up splurging on books. And I mean SPLURGING. I had some leftover cash from the anniversary lunch date I mentioned, and I had an early Christmas money bill, so I got some early Christmas gifts for myself. This is very reminiscent of that time I got a shatloadda Murakami books from the same Fully Booked branch I brought up earlier. This is the second Christmas (or maybe more, and I've just never really noticed) that I spent Christmas money solely on books. See: Exhibit A, Exhibit B. Well.

Two Natsuo Kirino books. I got her book Out some time early this year... I'm assuming towards the summer time, 'cause it wasn't part of my Christmas book haul. I enjoyed Out immensely and so sought out these other two books I saw the first time... only because Parasite Eve by Hideaki Sena wasn't available. This is also eerily reminiscent of that time I picked up a Battle Royale book last December ('cause it was a damaged copy), and couldn't get my hands on another copy until more than half a year later. (For the record, I picked up a copy of Parasite Eve back in June, but I was being my usual stingy self. I saw it at the Fully Booked Promenade branch then and so I went there last week, but there weren't any stocks available. SEEM FAMILIAR, HMM, BATTLE ROYALE? *weep*)

Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs and Steampunk! by... several authors. I actually picked up a copy of the first book months ago, but didn't have any cash on me then. The second book I thought was cool 'cause, well... it's steampunk.

Zombies vs. Unicorns made me stop in my tracks because... when do you ever encounter a book about zombies and unicorns? Also, I adore the book cover. Out of all the books I got, this is the one I'm currently reading. It's also a collection of short stories like Steampunk! and is thus written by different authors as well, only this was revolves around... you guessed it, zombies and unicorns! Not together, mind you.

Funny how three of the five books I got were under the children's section. OH WELL GO FIGURE DOESN'T MATTER           

The same day I went to Fully Booked Promenade, the parentals and I had lunch at Omakase. Mama said it was an early Christmas lunch for the three of us.

What you now know but wish you don't: this is Squidward post-Spongebob Squarepants.

Papa often orders uni sushi when we eat at Japanese restos. I once had uni sashimi before, and hated it. Papa said I should try its sushi counterpart once and for all. I did. It was good. So much better than the icky sashimi version.

Conclusion of this post: I will check out Fully Booked Promenade tomorrow. PARASITE EVE, I WILL HAVE YOU. Fingers crossed that this won't be another long battle with lack of available stocks...


... and the deception of perception.

Model is Janelle Lagunda. Thank you again bb!

Blood in the Bathtub
Can be interpreted as either suicide, resurrection, rebirth... or even menstruation or abortion (that last one was Terry's idea). Depends on your kind of twisted. These were for my photography class, where we were given the task of working on conceptual photography. The first three were the ones I submitted while the next three are outtakes/wtvr.

And just so it wouldn't seem like I made you do it for nothing, here is The Thong Shot. Thanks again Terry!

Slight Spontaneity
Also known as: that-night-I-tried-shisha-for-the-first-time-and-also-went-to-Mercato-for-the-first-time-FINALLY. Plans that night were just semi-spontaneous (I didn't really know what the game plan was until maybe an hour before Terry picked me up), but sometimes it's impromptu ideas that are the best.

Kevin is one of my most magical friends ever. This is us at the PPT lobby, where we munched on some Mercato goodness in the comfort of each other's company.

When Ana (belated happy birthday!) found out we were in the area, she insisted that we stop by at her place, which explains why we ended up in PPT in the first place. Also, magical trash cans and fire conspiracies. Ohohoho.

Here's a fuzzy group shot of us all. Patco was actually with us during the shisha session earlier, but I don't have any snapshots from then. Here's to more spontaneity with the people I love.

The Slut Coco/Glen Slut Effect
I haven't been blogging much because I've been busy (read: Kingdom Hearts 2, start of second sem, 'no I'm actually just lazy haha'), and while my last post had Ana's face innit, this one is full of her face, too. 

About a week ago, a magical friend of mine, Tintin, and I went to Ana's to shoot Revolution Nine's newest collection. We were actually on a race against time since Tin and I still had a birthday to catch that day, and her parentals needed to go by the time we were shooting the third and final set. Also, since we were in Fort Bonifacio territory, we were kinda antsy being on guerrilla mode. (But we were more in High Street than anywhere else, and Ana says it's okay so shoot there.)

All deets on how to order, size, etc. are in the link above. While you're at it, like R9 on Facebook too. Gotta be quick and order now if you want a shirt, 'cause these babies come in limited stocks.

Thanks again Tin and Ana for the shoot! <3

House Guest

I gots me a house guest just in time for tomorrow. Happy Halloween everyone!

Tell me lies, make me no disguise
Here are some really old photos that I shot with my Superheadz UWA camera. I'm very selective with what to shoot when it comes to film, so this is mostly a collection of the past half year. Though I had these developed around a month or two ago, I only got to scanning them today thanks to the usual culprit (school).

While I'm kind of unsure, my best guess as to who owns those legs would be Terry. Based on my feet, I can remember what I wore from the waist down, so it definitely wasn't from this day, so I'm assuming this was when we celebrated Alex's birthday at Cyma. I also refer to this day as Epic Bomb Drop Day. Mmmmhmmm.

What'd I tell ya 'bout these shots being old? Outtakes from the Phantasm shoot, also way back in May. I love how some of these look like stills from a film.

View from the SDA building, shot during my first legit SDA visit. Also known as That Weekend When I Got So Stressed Over Grades 'Cause It Was Impossible To Access The School Site Without Crashing. Incidentally, my grades for the past sem will be released this weekend. Here we go again.

Shots from that day I went to Maronne's for some CS-related stuff. Actual outfit post here. On that note, The Cheapskateers is pulling a major overhaul this month. You can still access our old outfits in our archives though! Watch out for our new and improved... look. Soon. Hohoho.

Oh, and one more. Since this is an UWA camera, I look extra wide and distorted in this shot. Fahnny.

Shots from this day. I super love the pictures with my orange dress because of the colors and really pretty vignette.

Kind of a crappy picture because it was already getting dark when this was shot. If I have any outdoor outfit shots (read: not self-timer, lol), I usually have a small thank-you note to a cousin. Said cousin could be either of the three people with me in the photo above! While I can get irritated with them sometimes (go figure, I probably have issues with myself, or maybe it comes with the territory of having grown up together -- literally, as we were all under one roof until the parentals and I moved out after Ondoy), I really do love these people. Out of all my cousins, they're the ones I'm closest to. *fake tear*

One of my favorites, just because it looks so eerie and therefore perfect. This was from my shoot with Ana (first and last mentioned here), which I still haven't gotten around to posting, because I've been so busy with school... and okay, fine, I actually did forget about it for a while, but only because I was drowning in school work! I promise to get this shoot out before the month ends -- I have to, because it'd be perfect to release during Halloween time!

Have a great rest of the week ebribadi! For them other kids who are struggling to make it through Finals Week, U CAN DO EET! FAITO!

Of Faux Magazines and Temporary Freedom
After a week of stress (expected), no sleep (expected), testing friendships (whuddup group plates), testing sanity (self-explanatory), and even PMS (legit), I am now officially on sem break. For a month. This is pretty dope, considering how Le Finals Week left me with bags under my eyes, strained brains, printer's ink buried deep under my fingernails, and STRESSSTRESSSTRESS! And did I mention stress? This has got to be the most stressful Finals Week so far -- like I can't even comprehend just how stressful it turned out to be. What a relief for all of it to be over for now.

Moving on, one of my plates required us to make fake magazine covers using our own photos. I totally enjoyed this for some reason, to the point that I even considered turning this plate into a legit online indie publication.

Hello Maronne and Ana! I had so much fun making up the blurbs and stuff (20 pages of triangles {BELIEVE IT!}) and for the most part, the only difficulty I had with this was making up the magazine name. I wanted something that wasn't already taken, and that was pretty hard. I settled for "YUNO!" in the end (exclamation point required) as a reference to the "y u no" meme on Tumblr, although some people translated it as "Yun o!" instead. Oh well. (P.S. these are all just screenies, hence the weird quality.)

For the same subject, we were required to make a 40-page magazine (open theme) as a group for our finals. Since I had so much stock photos from old shoots, I got the cover story and cover.

Once again, Maronne as our cover girl. (Maronne Cruz: lingers in the dark HAHAHAHAHA I DON'T EVEN WTF IS THIS I HAD A LOT OF FUN BUT THIS IS JUST)

The Editor's Note, which was totally joke time, but I had fun trying out the 3D effect anyway. Also, we called our mag 'IDK' for the sole fact that we didn't know what to call our mag! But we didn't want it to sound blatantly... clueless, so we turned 'IDK' into another abbreviation instead -- which turned out to be pretty lame, actually, but we were pretty pressed for time and couldn't think of a better one. IDK.

AND OF COURSE, THE ACTUAL COVER STORY HAHAHAHAHA. So awkward and joke time, but it was an experience to say the least. While we were allowed to take stuff from the worldwideweb, I thought it might be weird having an article about some celebrity or what when I was looking at Maronne's face, so I did an interview and wrote up an article on my own. HALF OF IT IS VERRILY MADE UP, SO YOU'RE NOT GONNA BE ABLE TO READ ANY OF IT HAHAHA.

WHAT'D I TELL YOU ABOUT NOT BEING ABLE TO READ IT? HAHAHAHAHA THE SHAAAAAAME! (But anyway, thanks very much Rue for putting aside some time to answer my... joke time questions. HEH)

The quoted text was left uncensored because it's pretty legit. One of Maronne's old blogs (either her My Style Diary or old LJ account which was originally supposed to be an outfit blog) had a tagline of "Fashion is your one-way ticket to self-esteem"... or something like that?


The Sneak Peek page looks very crappy because I crammed it while still juggling another final plate. Hello again Ana and then suddenly, Alex! Recycling of old shoots galore.

So that's just one of the things that kept me busy this past week. Only sharing because I thought it was really funny, but I actually did enjoy this plate a lot. MAYBE ONE DAY YOU'LL SEE A REAL "YUNO!" OR "IDK" MAGAZINE MADE MY YOURS TRULY. One day...

...or not. ANYWAY, TEMPORARY FREEDOM HAS COMMENCED! I'm just bracing myself for my grades now. Huhu.

Outfit Dump
Just a couple of outfits that I never really posted on The Cheapskateers, mostly because I didn't like them enough to put on there, but I did like them enough to post here. These range from a couple of weeks ago to maybe a month or two, some time during my outfit stump when I was way too busy to make document-worthy outfits because I didn't have time for proper documentation anyway. This is also my way of saying I was too lazy to make the usual documentation set up because I was swamped with school work.

Random bangles, thrifted shoes, random pants, headband from Vente, thrifted skirt. I don't remember the name of the store where I got my shirt from, but it was somewhere in ol' Eastwood. I do remember having this obsession with finding a unicorn shirt (and this was during high school senior year), so when I got this I was over the moon.

This is what I wore when I went to the Manga Realities exhibit at Ayala Museum. SPCP hoodie, thrifted shorts, leggings from Tiendesitas, shoes from Greenhills, gifted bag (hi Jam!)

Gifted dress, bowtie from Saizen, vintage shoes, old bracelets from mom. This dress was something my blockmate gave me because he was cleaning out his closet. I love it because of its length and pockets, because you know me and long dresses and skirts, and well... clothes with pockets are always dope.

I wonder what Miso and I were looking at...?

My younger self wouldn't of bothered wearing these shoes, but now I totally love them. My taste has been broadening in range this year (Could it be? AM I GROWING UP? No?) and it's kinda weird, but also lots of fun 'cause then I get to experiment looks a lot.

Random grocery outfit. Thrifted everything.

Another random grocery outfit. Thrifted everything, DIY necklace. It was kinda cold that day but then it got warmer once I got dressed, so I changed out of this outfit. The Barbie head came from the same body that I used for a school plate, but it later came off. Good thing I got to photograph it in all its creepy vibes before it came off. This outfit totly reminds me of Ana --  go figure, but maybe I'll wear this when I go visit her?

So that's all for now. I've been so busy with school, what with finals just around the corner, and only found time to get this backlog out of the way because classes were suspended again. For once, I didn't want classes to be suspended, in fear for the future of my impending sem break. I mean srsly, the weather today's much better than yesterday, so I'm just slightly bothered. 

Still got so much to do! Fingers crossed that finals week won't be pushed farther back.