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Just a quick this-is-what-happened-after-we-watched-LSOH post. I'm totally swamped with schoolwork and barely keeping my head above water so I don't even know why I'm making this post. (The masochist in me always wins, apparently.)

Bathroom shots with Jam right after the "OMIGODCONGRATSYOUWEREAWESOME" routine post-show.

This is Jarren, a friend of Jam's. We traversed to his castle after dinner for some awkward beer pong. I don't like beer, I had never played beer pong before that night, and I don't have a sense of aim. Good job.

I wish I could link you to a CS post regarding this outfit, but I have yet to do such a thing. Le oh well.

The most notable factor about Jarren is his house, which I have always seen since I was a kid. The fact that I got to go inside had completed my life LOLJK no. Here I am outside his castle gates. I'd post another photo but I think the gates should be obvious enough. (Also, apparently my dad knows Jarren's relative -- maybe uncle or grandfather -- so all this time I never knew my dad knew who lived in the magical house. WALKING FACEBOOK YO)

So anyway, I've got about 57 layers on Photoshop that need to be done, so... ADIOS!


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