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Don't feed the plants!
Following my first Little Shop of Horrors adventure a month or something ago with some Blue Rep kids, I finally got to catch a show last night. I don't even know where to begin, so i'll just follow along with the photos as they go.

It's almost tradition for at least one of my friends to steal a poster of a sort that has Maronne's face innit whenever we watch a show of hers. For the record,nothing was stolen (this time), only because I reminded Jam (who insisted we take this cut-out tarp) to behave and that I have the raw images anyway. But wouldn't it be cool to have that in your room? WOULDN'T IT BE COOLER TO BRING IT DURING EVENTS AND IN PHOTOS WHENEVER MARONNE ENDS UP BEING M.I.A.?

Ahem. Taking into account my last Blue Rep show experience, I have learned that being early scores you some sweet seats, so that's what Alex and I did. We got there 2 hours before open house because we wanted to avoid any crazy traffic. Go us.

So this is Roxci. She plays Crystal and is part of the Magical Trio of Voice Blending. Her blog makes me hungry for her sometimes.

This is the Magical Trio of Voice Blending a.k.a. Abi, Roxci and Cassie. They make me wanna talk in their spunky accent. The perfect blending of their voices will make you melt. Or drop your panties. Or maybe both, if you're me.

Enter Mushnik and Audrey.

You guys. U GAIZ. THIS BOY. THIS BOOOOY. (His name is Luis, but there seems to be more drama when referring to him as "THIS BOY".) Words cannot express all of the things he made me feel with his performance (I smell some innuendo here...) NO REALLY! Even during our shoot, when I knew nix about LSOH's story and what his character was like, Luis was already this little bundle of ADORKABLE.

I MEAN SERIOUSLY IT WAS ONLY HIS FIRST SCENE AND ALREADY MY HEARSTRINGS SNAPPED. HNNNNGGGG PRECIOUS LITOL BOI --I will gush more about Luis and his character later because there are more pictures that want to be seen.

And then of course, there is this girl. THIS GIIIIIRL. (Here I go again.) The last time I ever got to see Tina onstage was during Rock & Rule, and that was back in FeROSH YEAR and I have always admired her talent (and maybe a couple of other things, oho) since then. That's a good solid 2+ years of love (and lust, mhm) right there.

At some point I began to wonder when Tina would sing, or if she would sing at all. It was a silly thought; I mean, how could you cast Tina in a role and NOT let her sing? (Also, she is Audrey II, so obviously she'd have to sing one way or another, so I dismissed my thought as stupid.) I was just itching to hear that diva-like voice again, obviously.

Need I say anything about this beautiful girl? I PROBABLY DON'T, BUT I WILL ANYWAY. This girl has an overwhelming amount of talent that I sometimes wonder how I got so lucky to have a girlfriend li-- loljk OH BUT REALLY, I'm beyond proud of Maronne. I don't even mind at all that she's had to miss so many get-togethers with our friends with an output like this. GOSH I'M SO EXCITED FOR YOUR LIFE BB

Audrey-Mushnik-Seymour! I like saying "Mushnik." Mushnik. Mushnik. Mushnik.


HNNNNGGGG WHY ARE YOU GUYS SO CUTE KJGDSJGHGDSKJGH I am a total shipper for AudreyxSeymour okay.


THIS. ENTIRE. NUMBER. I couldn't stop laughing. Darrell Uy + Mushnik x dance moves = FUNNIEST SCENE EVER! I totally laughed the hardest here. So much entertainment, I love it.

And then the pout at the end, ohmygods.

Luis was actually nursing a fever that night. Around 39 degrees...? SO HE TOTALLY WINS AT LIFE OKAY. Here Luis, have some free epic. HOW DID YOU MANAGE TO BRING SO MUCH ADORKABLE!!! AMIDST A FEVER LIKE THAT? YOU ARE A MAGIC. I LOVE YOU VERRILY.

SeymourxAudrey II totally works for me too. Tina!Audrey II is very, very sexy. So sexy that I prolly lost my underwear by the time Act 2 rolled in. Maybe. Yeah.

SO THERE'S THIS PART WHERE GELO!ORIN ASKS THE AUDIENCE TO SAY "AAH!" RIGHT? AND ME BEING ME SAID A REFLEXIVE "NO!" BECAUSE GELO!ORIN IS VERY SCARY but my lil' ol' grandmother has been my dentist since I was a kid so that kinda cancelled out the creeps I got BUT THEN I FOUND OUT GELO WAS LIKE "Why did someone say noooo huhuhu" so I felt real bad about it because I DIDN'T MEAN IT THAT WAY but like yeah wtvr Gelo and I LOL'd enough of this on Facebook. I am only mentioning here on the blog again for... posterity...


I truly believe Blue Rep couldn't of asked for a more perfect cast. EVERYBODY WAS JUST SO PERFECT OKAY.

And then there's this scene. Hehehehehe.

What'd I tell you about Gelo being the Man of Many Roles eh?

And then the show ended, but I wanted more. (Also because I didn't like how the story ended 'cause I'm a loser who likes good endings lol.) Omigod you guys, you need to see this show. YOU NEED. TO SEE IT. I don't even know how these people can have so much talent in them and not... combust. Or... something.

OF COURSE I HAVE A PICTURE WITH LUIS. You think after all this gushing I wouldn't have a picture with him? PSH! Thumbs up because THIS BOOOYYY still managed to perform beyond comprehension. I am very proud of you.

OF COURSE I HAVE A PICTURE WITH THE AUDREYS. Together we make the Trio of... of... WE WILL BE CALLED "AUDRINA" loljk

As per tradition, a group shot with our Maronne after the show! We are quite a proud.

GOSH YOU GUYS ALL NEED TO SEE LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS!!! Until now I can't stop gushing and I'm still not over it. Congrats to the entire LSOH and Blue Rep family! I am so proud of you guys --not that I think I'm on a level of closeness with you, save for like, Maronne and Tina I guess, BUT YOU GET IT! CONGRATURATION xINFINITY YOU GUYS ARE THE SUPERLATIVE OF ALL THE GOOD THINGS IN THE WORLD

I wish I had a shot with the entire cast. OH WELL I HAVE THEIR FACES IN MY COMPUTER ANYWAY HEHEHE. So guys, what are you waiting for? RESERVE YOUR TICKETS NOW OR YOU WILL MISS THE REST OF YOUR LIFE!

That, or Audrey II might be out there waiting to eat you if you don't got watch, and you don't want that, do you?


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